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What is included in the Staff Resources tab?

Benefits- gives an overview of the benefits NwOESC offers along with insurance and retirement information. 
Equipment Inventory- gives more information on inventory transfers, disposals, and who to contact with questions. 
LPDC- includes committee members, and all LPDC related forms.
Payroll- includes all tax forms, timesheets, and an overview of how to fill out some of these forms. 
Purchasing/Payments- includes requisitions, travel, multi-purchase cards, petty cash, and activity information. 
Technology- gives the contact information for our techs along with their schedule.
Policiesincludes all employee handbooks, and the link to see our official board policies.
Work Injury- forms needed if someone is hurt on the job. 
Wellness- gives information on NwOESC wellness initiatives. 

Links on the left explained:

Staff Directory- you can search for any ESC employee.

Aesop Login- will link you to Aesop's log-in page.  Aesop is our substitute placement and absence management system.

Employment Opportunities- will take you to any current job vacancies along with the corresponding application.

Preschool Payments- where you can pay for your preschooler's tuition.

Professional Development- shows you a current listing of all professional development events.

e-Learning Login- takes you to the e-Learning log-in page (one for PDF registration and one for registering and paying online). 

Requisition Processing- takes you to the Formshare log-in page where employees can enter online requisitions.

Public School Works- links directly to their site where all NwOESC employees take online trainings.

LPDC/Employee Kiosk- takes you directly to the Kiosk log-in page which is were you can find past and present check stubs, W-2's, and LPCD information.

NwOESC Email- will take you directly to the email log-in screen.

District Websites & Calendars- will take you to a current listing of the districts we serve along with their websites and yearly calendars.

DynaCal Calendars- will link you to NwOESC's building calendar.

Policies & Handbook- will take you to our policies page under the Staff Resources tab where we have our staff handbooks and a link to our board policy.

IEP Anywhere- links you to their site that allows K-12 staff to write, manage and report special education documents online.

PD/Observation 360- links you to PD360's website were administrators can evaluate employees.

PowerSchool PreSchool Login- takes you to the powerschool log-in page. 

Office Personnel

 ext 4661 ...

 ext 4661

Administrative Assistant to Director of Special Education; EMIS Coordinator; IEP Anywhere support/transfers; HQT documentation; PowerSchool District Administrator; HPC for staff access

ext 4692 ...

ext 4692

Contact Mikala for support with travel reimbursements; employee reimbursement ACH/direct deposit set-up; adding vendors (use for requisitions/FormShare); equipment inventory including new asset tagging, transfers, and dispositions; cubicle and mailbox name tags; and business office support.

ext 4696 ...

ext 4696

Contact Kendall to discuss purchase orders and requisitions (FormShare); invoices/payments for goods and services received; item returns; multi-purchase card statements and purchases/receipt submissions; multi-purchase card enrollment/changes; payment of registrations and lodging when requested by requisition; utility payments; and other accounts payable matters.

ext 4695 ...

ext 4695

Contact Kristan about Aesop absence system assistance and reporting of leaves after 8:00 am daily; short-term leave questions; substitute applications, licensure, and long-term substitute assignments; afterschool program personnel applications; volunteer eligibility tracking; Public School Works employee set-up; and business department website.

 ext 4651 ...

 ext 4651

Aesop; Student Teacher Liason- placement and verify paperwork; Tracking SUTQ PD; Scheduling home visits and playbased assessments; PowerSchool support; Audiometer Calibration

ext 4664 ...

ext 4664

IMS/Roster verification for school age students; Billing; Aesop support; PowerSchool support; Maintain website; Preschool & MD supply order; HPC/Medicaid for new school age students




ext 4808 vm 4667 ...

ext 4808 vm 4667

Preschool phone calls/questions, screening, and intake for all counties; Preschool ECE Students, Distribute and collect preschool enrollment packets; PowerSchool support;

ext 4800 vm 4815 ...

ext 4800 vm 4815

Front desk reception; distribute substitute applications; background checks; bloodborne pathogens; maintain signage for meetings and events; process agency mail; bus driver processing for districts; business cards; and employee ID badges.

ext 4809 ...

ext 4809

ESC bus and van driver training/requirements; area-wide bus and van refresher trainings;  LPDC documentation/support; conference room scheduling; enter on-site events in Local Level; registration assistance for meetings; facility rental contact; support for education consultants and gifted consultants; support for student events such as FB Walter scholarships, quiz leagues/tournaments.; Summer Honors Academy registration/support; general and gifted database entry and maintenance.

 ext 4693 ...

 ext 4693

Contact Brandi about employment vacancy announcements, applications and interview scheduling; new employee communications/forms; job descriptions; contracts and salary notices;  insurance eligibility and coverage questions; change of address; transcripts and prior service certification for salary placement; licensure-credential renewal (non-LPDC);  documentation/tracking of required trainings and background checks; schedule/administer ParaPro Tests; create/distribute directories; and staff service recognition.

ext 4698  ...

ext 4698 

Contact Ann with questions regarding long term leaves (including FMLA-Family Medical Leave Act); retirement system questions (STRS and SERS) and retirement form processing; coordinate staff calendar changes with supervisors; receipts; 403(b) Plans; 457 Plans; petty cash reimbursements; NwOESC invoices; preschool typical peer payments; and general business office operations.

ext 4807 vm 4794 ...

ext 4807 vm 4794

Assistant to Superintendent; Governing Board agenda and recap; prepare organization communications (newsletters, brochures, etc.); home schooling; elearning;  tuition reimbursement; assist with organization website (excluding business and special ed departments); assist with coordination of Fall Staff Meeting/Administrator's Conference; PDRM certificates of attendance; building-wide special events (holidays, potlucks, etc.)

ext 4694 ...

ext 4694

Contact Stephanie for payroll matters including deductions for federal, state, and city/village income taxes, deductions for insurance coverage, American Fidelity/Section 125, etc.; W-2 forms; leave time charges, verification of employment history; current leave charges and balances, and sick leave transfers; employee contract or salary notice payments; payroll reporting; allocation of staffing to programs (FTE); and grant support.

ext 4699 ...

ext 4699

Contact Michelle for questions regarding payroll functions including processing payroll; timesheet forms and payment questions; payments to substitutes; payments for afterschool programs; additional wage payments; etc.

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