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The Northwest Ohio Educational Service employs personnel (Attendance Officers) and partners collaboratively with the area juvenile court systems to increase student attendance at all grade levels in participating districts.  It is evident that good school attendance is critical to school success.  

Opportunity School Handbook   The Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center operates the Northwest Ohio Opportunity School to provide an alternative but challenging environment for students who are not achieving educational goals in a traditional setting and are in danger of dropping out or failing. Youth are provided an intensive, specialized educational program in order to help them successfully complete the graduation requirements of their home school district.

The program also houses a short-term suspension center for students that participating districts may utilize as an alternative to in-school or out-of-school suspension in the home district. Northwest Ohio Opportunity School is open to students enrolled in public schools in our service region.


Fingerprinting is required for anyone working in an educational setting.  Hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 12:00 pm-4:00 pm or by appointment by calling 567-444-4800.

The cost for fingerprinting (payable in Cash, Cashier's check, Money Order or Visa, Mastercard, Discover card):

BCII  $30
FBI  $35

The NwOESC partners with area schools to ensure bus and van drivers are properly trained and certified per state regulations to transport students to and from school in a safe manner.

Education Consultants provide assistance, support and consultant services in the local and client school districts to help improve the quality of education. These services vary with the needs and requests of the school districts.

  • Curriculum Development - Consultants are responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of courses of study. They also evaluate and recommend textbooks that support the course of study, working in conjunction with teacher committees from the representative school districts.
  • Assessment - Consultants help to coordinate competency, achievement, and ability testing, as well as competency-based education testing in grades not requiring state proficiency testing.
  • Coordination - Consultants coordinate county and local school district education efforts by serving as a link between the Ohio Department of Education and the schools. They are also involved in coordinating resources available to provide funding for many projects.
  • Supervision - Consultants are often consulted for the purposes of improving instruction through observation. These observations may include helping the teacher with techniques, strategies, classroom management and/or lesson planning. In addition, consultants may be called upon to do student observations for special education evaluations.
  • Grant Writing - To obtain funding and incorporate new programs, consultants may often write or assist districts and teachers in writing grants. Implementing, coordinating and budgeting for these grant projects may also become the supervisor's responsibility.
  • Professional Development - Consultants develop, implement and facilitate professional development programs for school districts. These efforts many times include securing a funding source as well.
  • Continuous Improvement Planning Assistance - Consultants are available to assist districts working on their district continuous improvement plan.
  • Mentor Entry Year Program - Consultants conduct a mentor entry year program for first year teachers. Districts must provide this program for their first year teachers and can conduct their own program or be a part of this joint program.
  • Curriculum Mapping and Alignment - Districts can obtain help from consultants when they want to map and align their curriculum.

Gifted education programs and services are designed to develop and maximize a gifted child's unique abilities and enhance personal growth. Supervisors of programs for the gifted make available to school districts the following services.

  • Supporting the identification of high-ability students in the four areas of intellectual, academic, creative and visual/performing arts.
  • Developing curriculum for high-ability students reflecting differentiated content, differentiated product, differentiated process, and differentiated learning environment.
  • Assisting general classroom teachers in modifying curriculum for more in-depth study or an accelerated pace, and developing appropriate instructional strategies.
  • Collaborating with school administrators in selection of appropriate identification tools, staff development, providing information for EMIS reports, and assisting in teacher/program evaluation.
  • Coordinating student-centered events.

Some member school districts have selected the Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center to assist with the notification process for parental requests for Home Schooling.  In these cases, the NwOESC would receive all information from parents wishing to Home School their children, check to make sure all information is in place, and coordinate approvals in conjunction with the local district superintendent. 

A parent may request that his/her child be excused from compulsory school attendance for home education purposes. Under this option, the parent/guardian selects the curriculum and educational materials and takes responsibility for educating the child. Home education is recognized by section 3321.04 of the Ohio Revised Code.

To find out more information about Home Schooling, contact your local school district superintendent or Linda Schlosser, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent at the Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center at 567-444-4807.  

The Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center supports educational programming for migrant students in several ways:

Region VI Migrant Education - A six week summer program is available for children of migrant farm workers in Northwest Ohio. This program is coordinated through the Archbold, Ohio office of the NwOESC.
OMEC/Ohio Migrant Educational Center - This office is located in Fremont, Ohio and is responsible for the identification and recruitment, record transfer, and school liaison component of migrant students throughout the state. The center also coordinates staff and curriculum development for Ohio migrant programs statewide. For more information on OMEC visit their website at

The Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center parent mentor serves as a resource to both parents of students with disabilities and to school districts in relation to special education and services.  The parent mentor fills a special role being able to relate to parents of students with disabilities and also being knowledgeable of available resources and best practices.  Parents and school staff and administration can contact the parent mentor to receive assistance with concerns, access to the Parent Mentor's resource library, printed copies of disability fact sheets and laws, and much more....

The Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center offers a wide range of specialized programs and classrooms to meet the needs of students with disabilities 3-22 years of age across the service region.  These programs and services are offered in partnership with local districts to maximize efficiencies through collaboration.  The services encompass:

  • Related Services consisting of speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, adaptive physical education, vision supports through SST instructors, transition services, nursing, job coaching, and work-study coordination.
  • Specialized Classrooms in the areas of SLD/CD, Cross-Categorical, Multiple Disabilities, Preschool, Emotional Disturbances, Orthopedic/Other Health Impaired, and Hearing Impairments.
  • Specialized Schools - Independence Education Center (IEC) specializing in students K-12 with significant emotional disabilities; Liberty Education Center (LEC) specializing in middle to high school students with significant social/behavioral challenges.
  • Specialized Staff - Intervention Specialists, Paraprofessionals (aides and attendants), Related Services Providers, and Special Education Supervisors working to provide excellent programming to students with disabilities.

The NwOESC recruits, trains, and assists in processing paperwork for potential substitute teachers and paraprofessionals interested in working in the service region of Defiance, Henry, Fulton, and Williams counties. The substitutes are then approved by the NwOESC Governing Board and listed for availability to local district and NwOESC programs.  Substitute licensure may be obtained by individuals who do not have a teaching degree if they hold a Bachelor's degree.

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